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 How to play guide!

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How to play guide! Empty
PostSubject: How to play guide!   How to play guide! EmptyMon Jan 03, 2011 4:51 am

Since so many people are having trouble playing here is a guide that could help!

1. Downloading the client.... This should be the easiest step or close to the easiest.

2. Now that you have downloaded the client... You should extract it using WinRar, if you don't have WinRar then here you go:

Select the one that best fits your operating system.

3. Now that you have extracted it now its time to run the .Bat File. when you open the folder it should look like this.
How to play guide! 2myvx3k

Now something you need to know,
1. Figure out your operating system thing, is it x32-bit or x64-bit?

If X32-Bit then run the file called "Run-Normal"
If x64-Bit then run the file called "Run - X64"

Then you should be all set.

Now the fun part

4. Now you are ready to log in! Logging in is the most simplest step, Chose a Username and Password.
How to play guide! 35i61k5

5. Now you play and have fun!

Hope this guide helps many enjoy,


If anymore help is needed like how to earn cash I can post a guide on that, just post here.

Owner of da server much?

Vote: http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/in.php?site=35411

How to play guide! Serverimg-9229

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How to play guide! Empty
PostSubject: Mac Guide!   How to play guide! EmptyTue Jan 04, 2011 12:15 pm

Don't think it gonna be help to Mac users! lol!

EDIT: i added a mac Guide!

here linkLINK!
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How to play guide!
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